WaldSkulpturenWeg Wittgenstein-Sauerland

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The WaldSkulpturenWeg Wittgenstein-Sauerland offers you a 23 km long forest trail between Bad Berleburg and Schmallenberg across the Rothaar mountain ridge along which you will find 11 sculptures. 10 internationally renowned male and female artists created imposing works of art especially for placement along the trail. Their work is in close harmony with the surroundings as well as with times past and both formally and in substance. The remarkable sculptures invite the hiker to pause and relax while letting their senses and thoughts enjoy the sight and its relationship with the surroundings and times past. The book explains the origins and construction of the WaldSkulpturenweg (Wolfgang Völker) and presents the participating artists and their works of art (Uwe Rüth). Impressive pictures present the sculptures from various prespectives (Werner J. Hannappel). A handy supplement provides more detailed additional information and is easy to take along on the hike.

-    A brilliant link between nature and art
-    A highly special contribution to the international year of the forest 2011

This book received a grant from the Kunststiftung NRW (NRW art foundation).



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