• Andreas Oldörp: Over the Ponds
    Through this acoustic work, the valley experiences a new spatial plasticity
  • Andreas Oldörp: Over the Ponds
    A circle of tall copper pillars creates the mystical sounds
  • Andreas Oldörp: Over the Ponds
    Over the ponds sweeps a sound carpet of tones

Over the Ponds


A mysterious sound carpet of tones shimmers over the long valley at Kloster Grafschaft abbey. The whispers from the woods and meadows are joined to mystical sounds which seem to have a natural origin, and yet are so unfamiliar. Their secret disappears only when you are directly in front: They emanate from the sound sculpture "Over the Ponds", a circle of tall copper pillars which the artist Andreas Oldörp has constructed according to the principles of organ pipes, and has installed in the Bremecketal valley.
Sound, sense, and feel show the rambler the way to enjoyment of art in the natural openness of the wooded valley.

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Sponsors of the sculpture "Over the Ponds"

Kunststiftung NRW

Unternehmensgruppe Falke, Schmallenberg