• Magdalena Jetelová: What Came First?
    Because it is coated with gold, the egg is present as a reflection of light
  • Magdalena Jetelová: What Came First?
    The egg is a starting element of life and an archetype of nature
  • Magdalena Jetelová: What Came First?
    The dimensions of the sculpture master the space and impose on the landscape

What Came First?


The artist Magdalena Jetelová symbolises the creation of life, and its eternal cycle with a golden egg, about 6.5 m in height and around 4 m in diameter. The egg's size and the reflections of light shape its presence so that it has the effect of an initial element and prototype of life in the landscape, of which it becomes a part. Reduced to what matters, it becomes a symbol and allegory of nature, the creator and maintainer of life. A foundation of reinforced concrete was created as a firm base for the statue, and the stability of the sculpture itself is provided by an internal steel skeleton. The surface consists of synthetic and cast resin with a fibreglass inlay, and was modelled using the lamination process in the workshop of Magdalena Jetelová before being coated with gold leaf.


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In its winter edition 2009, the "Top magazine Siegen-Wittgenstein", reported on the sculpture "What Came First?" by Magdalena Jetelová.
You can download the complete report here.

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