• Gloria Friedmann: the Green Shelter
    The work of art by Gloria Friedmann has grown completely into the habitat of the forest
  • Gloria Friedmann: the Green Shelter
    Trees grow into the sky through the roof of the little green house
  • Gloria Friedmann: the Green Shelter
    "The Green Station" is also intended as a resting place and refuge

The Green Station


"The Green Station" is a bright green house, very modest architecturally, which has completely grown into the surrounding habitat. The sculpture was conceived by the artist Gloria Friedmann, who has made nature and the relationship between man and nature into the subject of all her work. Through the tangled green of the woodland, the little house closed on three sides appears to be a monochromatic symbol, on approach to be a sculpture, and to be a shelter for a rest when you are in front of it. This impression is increased by the rustic and simple installation. As a refuge in a thunderstorm, however, the Green Station is not recommended: The rendering and structural panels are supported by a solid steel frame. 

The company EJOT Baubefestigungen GmbH from Bad Laasphe undertook the sponsoring for the installation of the sculpture and the coordination of all building activities. In addition, the company made personnel available for the installation, as well as bolts and fastening equipment.