• Heinrich Brummack: The Crook
    Even from far away, The Crosier is visible as a landmark
  • Heinrich Brummack: The Crook
    Engraved: the quotation from Luther: "An excessive power collapses under its own weight"
  • Heinrich Brummack: The Crook
    The Crosier was once a symbol of great power

The Crosier


"AN EXCESSIVE POWER COLLAPSES UNDER ITS OWN WEIGHT". This quotation from Martin Luther decorates Heinrich Brummack's 7.50m high "Der Krummstab" (The Crosier), which has the appearance of being unstable in form. The crosier is one of the insignia of a bishop of the Roman Catholic church. In 1072 it was awarded to the Benedictine abbey Kloster Grafschaft as an emblem of care. In the course of the centuries, it increasingly became a symbol of the power of the Church. With the confiscation of church possessions as part of the secularisation in 1803, this temporal influence - and with it, the abbey's crosier - were lost. 2,613 kg of aluminium were processed to create the sculpture, which on the path between Schmallenberg and Bad Berleburg forms a landmark conspicuous from afar.

HONSEL GMBH & CO. KG, a company from Meschede, made the 2,613 kg of AlMg3 aluminium available free of charge.