Southern Westphalian spa and wellness landscapes

"Holiday, hiking, taking a cure, relaxing...and experiencing more"

Endless woods which really stretch from horizon to horizon, in one of the most afforested regions of Germany. Mountains like an oversized mogul ski run up to 800 metres in height. Fresh and healthy air, perfect for taking in lungfuls:
Welcome to the southernmost tip of Westphalia: in the Siegerland and Wittgenstein mountains, with the Rothaargebirge natural park and the springs region of Eder, Lahn and Sieg.

What can the guest and holidaymaker discover and experience?

There is an enticing range of tourism activities at every time of year: From a first class hotel to a country inn, a cosy guest house or a stay on a farm, there is a huge choice to suit every taste (and pocket)! And in the landscape of the Mittelgebirge, every season has its own particular charm. From spring until autumn, the ideas for a relaxing stay in the Mittelgebirge countryside are almost inexhaustible. The suggestions range from "Fit & Active", to "Westphalian Enjoyment", "Cycling" and "Hiking", and the visitor is often spoilt for choice. Culture in the "province full of life" is a good deal more extensive than one might initially guess. There is a full gamut of cultural activities waiting to be discovered. 72 museums and "home museums" maintain so much that is beautiful and original, where the past can be sensed at every step. 

Up hill and down dale on two wheels 

In the rolling Siegerland and the Wittgensteiner uplands, the mountains are your constant companions. So there's plenty to challenge the cycle tourist! But whoever cycles along the many river valleys of this well watered region will have surprisingly pleasant stretches ahead of them. It is well worth travelling on the Rhein-Sieg-Express from Cologne to Siegen, Hagen to Siegen, or Frankfurt to Siegen (with the bicycle as luggage). Then take the "Rothaar-Bahn" railway line (there is no charge for the bicycle, by the way) to travel onwards to the ridge of the Rothaar mountains. From here, there are cycle tours over one or many days along the river Sieg to the Rhine, the Lahn to the Rhine at Koblenz, and along the Eder towards Kassel on the Fulda.

The Siegerland-Wittgenstein hiking paradise....because that is where hiking is so much fun!

Welcome to one of the most heavily forested areas of Germany, with 64% woodland. The best woods are a gift from nature, and in the Mittelgebirge countryside with its Rothaargebirge natural park, they are just waiting to be walked in. The area contains the headwaters for the Eder, Lahn and Sieg rivers, and there are more than 3,500 km of marked hiking trails through almost unending deciduous and evergreen woods. On Shanks's pony, you can make multi-day tours on the Rothaarsteig - the "Route of the Senses" (154 km), the Siegerland High ring (140 km), or the Wittgenstein Panorama Way (154 km). For nature lovers, natural history walks with many species of flora are offered in extended woodland areas, long stretches of mountain landscape, or idyllic open valleys.

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