Schmallenberg in the Sauerland photographed from the air

The history of the ancient town in the upper Sauerland is more than 750 years old. Already by 1200 farmers and craftsmen were settled on the "Smalen Berg", and they developed into communities which today are proud to belong to the "Historische Städte in NRW" (Historic towns in North Rhine-Westphalia) group (as is Bad Berleburg at the other end of the Wood Sculpture Path). In particular, the old core is characterised by the visually satisfying enclosed townscape and the architecture using much local slate. All around, the holiday region of the Schmallenberger Sauerland hiking world, with over 6,000 guest beds plus a new easily oriented and attractive system of hiking routes, offers far-famed gastronomy and family-run hotels with a particularly homely and fine touch.

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