Sport and enjoyment in nature

The Sauerland beckons with many suggestions

To allow the soul to wander, to immerse oneself into the sensuousness of the forest, and to open oneself up to the sounds and scents of a unique landscape. Just to forget the everyday rush on hidden ways and paths, and to let nature work its magic on you. In winter, stamp your way through the crunching snow in the bracing cold. The Rothaarsteig, "The Flagship of All Hiking Paths" in the Sauerland, offers you this and much, much more, located right in the middle of the most important holiday region in North Rhine-Westphalia. Anyone who prefers to investigate the rolling countryside of the Sauerland at a higher speed, with its hills, mountains, forest, and valleys, can select one of the 30 routes of the Bike Arena Sauerland. Routes of every type and difficulty await the mountain biker. Just like sport and racing cyclists, families with children and senior citizens, will find something to suit them.
Trekking and racing bikes can also be used in the Bike Arena: there are lovely runs with attractions and places for a break. Cyclists can tour the seemingly endless Sauerland forests through pure air, and let their gaze wander over valleys, hills, and beautiful half-timbered villages, and across to the sparkling waters of the many streams, rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. Seen from vantage and viewing points, the landscape seems like the swells of a green sea. This is where to fill up with freshness and energy.

And the Sauerland has a great deal to offer the motorcyclist. The Sauerland Roadbook describes attractive routes, developed by the police, in varied countryside with stimulating destinations. But the main theme of a Sauerland holiday remains the forest - it covers 62 percent of the surface. According to the Forest Damage Report, it is among the healthiest in Germany. Forestry and wood-processing industries play a very significant role. This is the Canada of Germany. And the people? They are like the many trees: straight and reliable. But they don't come running towards you. If you win them over, you have a friend for life. For many people, it is important to have a second home somewhere. There's certainly a need for palm trees and beaches, but it's good to know of a place where you can unload and recharge a bit. The Sauerland holiday area is famous for its outstanding gastronomy. There is modern and traditional accommodation: from the comfortable hotel to the cosy holiday home.

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