Rothaarsteig - the Route of the Senses

The Rothaarsteig logo: a white R lying on its side on a red background

Rothaarsteig - that means 154 km of pure hiking experience. A new and real dimension in hiking from Brilon in the Sauerland via the Wittgenstein mountains and the Siegen region as far as Dillenburg at the foot of the Westerwald. The Route of the Senses really offers much more than any ordinary hiking route. With its own philosophy and design, and with three of the 11 exhibit points of the Wood Sculpture Path, it is certainly a first-in-class in a new generation of hiking routes. Between Schmallenberg-Schanze and Bad Berleburg-Kühhude, the sculptures "No Easy Game to Play" by Prof. Ansgar Nierhoff, "The Crosier" by Heinrich Brummack, and "Stone-Age-Man" by Nils-Udo decorate the Rothaarsteig. In addition to these sculptures, the Rothaarsteig provides a wealth of natural, cultural, and historically relevant starting points, numerous panorama points over the rolling landscape, and experience-learning woodcraft presentations on the natural subjects of wood and water. In short, there are enough paths and routes to be able to relax actively.
The wooden couches and sofas in the Rothaarsteig design invite you to forget the stress of day-to-day living, to allow the soul to wander, and to experience nature with all your senses.

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