Wittgensteiner Akademie e. V.

The Wittgensteiner Akademie e.V. (Wittgenstein Academy) was founded in 1996 in Bad Berleburg by art-loving citizens.

The stated aim of the organisation with honorary leadership is the support of artistic creativity in the region. This also includes the preservation and renewal of traditional craftsmanship in the Wittgenstein region, and in particular the working of wood.

For this reason, the Wood Sculpture Path between the towns of Bad Berleburg and Schmallenberg has been developed since 1999, under the leadership of the Wittgensteiner Akademie. The project is supported by the Federal Land of North Rhine-Westphalia, the administrative districts of Siegen-Wittgenstein and Hochsauerland, the towns of Bad Berleburg and Schmallenberg and the arts foundation of North Rhine-Westphalia. In addition there are patrons and sponsors, private individuals, and well-known companies who have actively supported the project through generous contributions. An unmistakable treasure has been created: a public museum 23 km in length, accessible to everyone free of charge, enhanced with high quality artistic works by internationally recognised artists. From the viewpoint of the tourist industry,the Wood Sculpture Path is a gem which can contribute to securing the future for hotels, restaurants, small companies, and service organisations in the region. For centuries, forestry and wood working have been an important basis of the regional economy. Forcing this industry, with wood as its natural material, into the public consciousness was as early as 1998 reason for the members of the Wittgenstein Academy to initiate and run the Wittgenstein wood market.

Wood carving and traditional wood craftsmanship were combined here with the possibilities of modern handling and processing, as well as with the use of wood in multiple ways, and were made accessible to visitors. Every year since then, on the second weekend in September, tens of thousands of visitors experience a two day event "All About Wood", which because of its size and importance has long since surpassed the capabilities of an organisation with an honorary leadership, and which therefore since 2004 has been continued by an organising body under the leadership of the town of Bad Berleburg. The Wittgenstein Academy is actively involved in this organising body.

Within the meaning of the tax regulations, the Wittgenstein Academy is recognised by the Siegen tax office as a non-profit organisation. 

Wolfgang Völker
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Wittgensteiner Akademie e.V.