"Witches' Place" by Lili Fischer - to the concept

A small oval hollow deep in the woods: A thicket of spruce through which a brook flows, ringed by a path which leads in all directions under the sun - that is the Witches' Place! Witches once danced here - this is to be found in old sources from 1600. You approach the Witches' Gate: 2 inclined 2-pronged forks, whose tines interlock with each other at the top. Just to the left is a slate sill which indicates the entrance to a round space (about 7 m diameter): this is the Witches' Kitchen. In the middle of the space, the edge of a large copper cauldron projects (diameter approx. 2.5 m) to a height of 50 to 70 cm . One can sit on the edge of the cauldron and imagine how at night here the women concocted ... storms or witches' potions, so as to fly by night to the place where they danced.
Having become curious, one wanders around the large Witches' Place, discovers gates made from hayforks, projecting stovepipes fitted with pointed roofs - as if there were a Breughel landscape hidden under the swamp ...
On a row of 13 reddish tiles in concrete frames, it is possible to read extracts from the trials of witches, such as were held in the locality here: Legscrews, magical curses, or who met with whom, and when, to dance and court with the devil ... List of fees for cutting off fingers, executions ...

Lili Fischer, Hamburg

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