"Stone-Age-Man" by Nils-Udo - to the concept

Nils-Udo belongs to the first generation of artists who sensed the necessity of a renewed orientation towards the environment. His giant nest created on the Lüneburg heath in 1978 from earth, stones, birch trunks, and grass became a significant work of art in this direction. "Sensations are omnipresent. As a realist, I need only to raise them up to release them from their anonymity. Utopias are found under every stone, on every leaf, behind every tree, in the clouds, and in the wind..." writes the artist. And for the work "Stone-Age-Man", Nils-Udo has raised something from anonymity: He found a 150 tonne rock in the Raumland quarry, and knew immediately: This is it! Even at that time, there was no overlooking that this find would lead to an extremely complicated and initially unpredictable adventure for him and for the organisers of the Wood Sculpture Path. Today, now that the difficulties lie behind us, we know what it means to handle 150 tonnes of quartzite. But because of its size and forcefulness, the work which has resulted - the rock released from its anonymity - causes all the problems and effort of the creation process to be forgotten. Here it stands on its support, heavy and overbearing, surrounded by the architecture of huge tree trunks which recall an ancient temple: Monumental, confronted with nature, but also closely linked.

Dr. Uwe Rüth, Marl (curator)

You can download the complete artistic concept here!

Download of the concept