"Over the Ponds" by Andreas Oldörp - to the concept

The work is located in Schmallenberg-Grafschaft, close to the present abbey. The first acoustic investigations showed that this was particularly suitable, because from here the whole valley can be reached by the sound from a group of sound sources without having to be particularly loud. In addition, the installation there will almost always be visible from the hiking path in future years. The sound sources have been installed as 6 specially developed copper pipes and a "chimney" (a pipe without a core) to suck in the air. The individual pipes consist of a 5 m long "foot" made from copper (diameter 89.9mm x 2mm) which is reinforced at least 1.5 m into the ground and along the full length by steel piping. Connected internally by a shaft, the pipes (length 3 m) are positioned adjustably. The thicknesses of the walls are adapted to the expected loads. The image results of a circular group of glistening thin rods with the lip area as the only connection and indication of the creation of sound. Over time, the increasing development of a patina has further linked the sculptural component to its environment. Alone through the unexpected technical precision in this setting, it will also remain visually noteworthy.
For long-term usage, modified organ bellows (380V, approx. 200W) will be used for sound generation. A power supply for this was laid underground, in order to avoid further affecting the landscape.

Andreas Oldörp, Hamburg

You can download the complete artistic concept here!

Download of the concept