"No Easy Game to Play" by Ansgar Nierhoff - to the concept

The sculpture is intended to find its location, and to create a location, at the crossing point of the hiking path and of the old trade route, on the border between the Catholic and Protestant parts of the Rothaar mountains. Considerations on the symbolism and the contrast between nature and the works of mankind have influenced the solution's form. This is a sculpture which demands interaction and calls forth associations; to recognise and understand these, to adopt and perceive them, a high degree of sensitivity is required. It need not be a failing to have some knowledge of history and of art history. In an intensively used landscape, it is unusual to be surprised by a sculpture which does not serve the clichés of expectation, but which speaks of what lies ahead and behind, of transition, of the demarcation between the internal and the external. At all events, this sculpture demands to be included in considerations of the present and the future. In any case, I want to achieve that where everyday life may be absent, illustrative forms do not take its place, but rather the pre-occupation of every single person with themselves. (in this text, a number of words are loosely quoted from "Das Tor" by Karlheinz Nowald, 1975, catalogue Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum, Duisburg, individual exhibition by Ansgar Nierhoff). 

Dr. Uwe Rüth, Marl (curator)

You can download the complete artistic concept here!

Download of the concept